We thought in order to stay married, everything had to be perfect...we were wrong. 

99 Ways To Show Love To Your Spouse

Instead of allowing every day stress to get in the way of your relationship, use every day as a chance to do something that shows love. Giving affection to your spouse unexpectedly is a great way to build a strong bond. Here are 99 ideas to start with!

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We have savored the precious moments, persisted through the challenging times, strengthened our bond and gained a true understanding of commitment, side by side - all while raising our four children.

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This is our personal blog. The posts are an illustration of our journey through life. We share our experiences and what we’ve learned. We thought in order to stay married, we needed to be perfect...but we were wrong. 

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We hope our story of grace, persistence and redemption will be an inspiration to other couples. We believe that every marriage has a chance to be awesome and fulfilling.

About LYBM

After being together for 13 years, we've discovered that a successful marriage truly requires a lifelong commitment to learning. We are all, constantly changing, growing, and getting better. No one should ever tell you that you don't have what it takes to improve, or get better, because you most certainly do. You can change, and your spouse can, too.

After our 10th year of marriage, and the birth of our 3rd baby, an intense case of postpartum depression hit.  A repeated cycle of compromise and redemption kept our marriage strong, as we would argue and then make-up, over and over again.  A year long conditioning of logic was the only thing that helped me avoid going to talk to a divorce attorney. Logic reminded me that love is a choice, not a feeling. 

Today, my husband and I celebrate our love, affection, and unity. We thank God that although the seas were rough, we never abandoned the journey. 

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