• Important

    Pesa and Whitney Shayo of LiveYourBestMarriage are not mental health professionals. Pesa and Whitney Shayo provide Biblically-based Marriage Couples life coaching, which is not psychotherapy.

  • Getting off to a good start:

  • Confidentiality

    Everything spoken to your marriage life coach(es) Here is protected by the confidentiality statutes of the state of Kansas. That means your marriage life coach(es) Will in no way disclose any information without your written consent except in the following situations: (A) If you threaten grave bodily harm or death to yourself or another person, your marriage life coach is required by ethical standards to inform the intended victim and/Or appropriate law enforcement agencies; (B) If you report to your marriage life coach your knowledge of the physical or sexual abuse of a minor child by an adult or of an elder (Over 65) By an adult, your marriage life coach is required by law to inform the appropriate child welfare agency which may then investigate the matter; (C) If your marriage life coach is required by a court of law (Court order) To turn over records to the court or is ordered to testify regarding those records.

  • Whitney and Pesa Shayo often coach as a team, and may need to discuss information you share on forms, or in session discussions in order to best serve you.